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We cover a range of services, and work in projects as diverse as domestic wiring, industrial pumping controls and wiring, winery plant and vineyard irrigation to solar energy installs.

Domestic Electrical

Hoskins Energy Systems can provide the expertise to tackle any kind of domestic electrical task. In our 22 years in business, we have carried out domestic jobs on an ongoing basis and continue to do so even as the renewable side of the industry grows.

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Industrial & Commercial

The team at Hoskins Energy Systems have worked on industrial and commercial projects from the Riversdale Effluent System to the Carterton Event Centre to the Solar Array in Tokelau - the first country to be entirely powered by a solar installation.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly accessible to home owners and businesses around New Zealand. From solar installations and wind turbines to micro hydro systems, there is a variety of options to investigate when looking into sustainable energy systems to suit your home.

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The Hoskins Energy Systems team are ready to work with you on your electrical project.

About Us

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy/Every renewable installation is designed to work most efficiently based on its location and the property requirements.

Domestic Electrical

Domestic ElectricalAs Master Electricians, the team is experienced in all areas of electrical design, installation and maintenance.

Industrial & Commercial

Industrial & commercial/Hoskins Energy Systems provides a range of electrical services for commercial and industrial across Wairarapa 


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